Is your legal team still using physical files to document and collaborate upon?

Newgen's dispute file handling solution enables contactless dispute management and claims processing by digitizing the case-related documents while ensuring information availability and security. The solution allows legal teams to work remotely and facilitates them to seamlessly collaborate on a case using annotations and comments. 

Key Features

  • On-demand document scanning - Scan case-related documents from any device and enable image-assisted data entry
  • Intelligent file identification and classification - Categorize documents with indexing-based classification
  • Annotations/notes with viewing permissions - Allow paralegals, lawyers, and other stakeholders to share information via annotations and comments. And, ensure information security with rights-based access
  • Audit trails and version control - Track edits made to a document and maintain a copy of various versions of the document. Further, capture complete audit trails
  • Advanced search capabilities - Access the right content at the right time with intuitive search capabilities, including profile, index, date-based, and full-text search
  • Rule-based file archival and retrieval - Archive all the case-related information in a centralized repository. And, assign rights for secure search and retrieval


  • Cloud-based deployment within 1-2 weeks
  • Comprehensive investigation with a unified case file, ensuring easy access to data, documents, and reports for each case
  • Improved collaboration among paralegals, lawyers, and other stakeholders
  • Better claims tracking and monitoring
  • Enhanced information security
  • Better compliance with extensive audit trails