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According to new research, long-term relationships with your banking customers begin with lower balances and lesser engagement. As a result, the importance of a digital account opening process that helps the customer in the initial stages of their relationship has never been greater. By enabling onboarding via multiple channels and offering highly personalized experience, balances and revenues are bound to increase along with customer satisfaction.

Watch this webinar recording to listen to Ankur Rawat and Jim Marous from The Financial Brand, Digital Banking Report and Banking Transformed podcast as they discuss:

  • The anemic status of onboarding programs in banking today
  • The value of a highly personalized, multichannel onboarding process
  • The components needed for success
  • Where to start

About Jim Marous

Jim has been named as a top-5 influencer in banking, is the co-publisher of The Financial Brand, the owner and publisher of the Digital Banking Report, and a contributor to Forbes and numerous other industry publications.

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