Ellen Carney
Principal Analyst

varun ghai
Varun Ghai
Head Business Consulting EU
Newgen Software

“Upheaval” best describes the insurance business right now. Covid-19 is impacting the people, processes, and technology needed to meet customer and partner demands, ensure compliance, and do so in the most productive way possible.  But too many insurers are taking a "cut all cost" approach to their investment priorities. Insurers that implement smart process modernization approaches now will benefit well into the future. 

Watch this webinar, featuring Ellen Carney, Principal Analyst – Forrester and Varun Ghai, Head Business Consulting - UK & Europe, Newgen Software, as they delve into the complexity of the situation that the insurance industry is facing and what steps can be taken by insurers to make their businesses more resilient.

Few highlights of the webinar:

  • How are rigid legacy processes inherently limiting insurer ability to respond to the needs of customers and agents?
  • How can insurers employ better options for process automation throughout the business architecture?
  • Why is it now critical to think strategically about process modernization initiatives?
  • How Newgen’s low code digital automation platform can help insurers navigate crisis-like situation by optimizing critical insurance processes
  • Best process automation use-cases in Insurance – Claims management and Underwriting

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